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Designed by nature, the Caribbean islands of Bocas del Toro are an untouched paradise. Unlike traditional Caribbean destinations, Red Frog Beach offers a world renowned ecosystem paired with some of the best beaches in the world. 30 miles from Costa Rica, this upscale Caribbean island community offers all the incentives that the booming economy of Panama has to offer (including the beaches, nightlife and adventure) --at a fraction of the price of other beachfront real estate.

Investors will appreciate this island community offers the ease of a turn-key rental program, state of the art infrastructure and titled property with one of the world’s best investment incentive programs. Ask about the future amenities coming!


There is no other island property in the world that includes so much adventure, so much beauty with endless beaches and investment potential. There's simply no other real estate opportunities in Panama quite like this.

The Villas at Red Frog


Enjoy your own island sanctuary in nature. Villas include private plunge pools, travertine flooring, stainless steel appliances, expansive terraces, and professionally decorated interiors. Island seascapes peer out to Caribbean cays and lush tropical vegetation. The mood is set with the sounds of crashing waves below. Nature is all around you with unparalleled access to beaches and island pathways. Nature invites you to be her guest at these secluded island villas.

Starting from $525,000

The Villas at Red Frog

Island Lots

The amazing lots are just waiting to be the location of your dream beach home!

Starting from $80,000

The Villas at Red Frog

Oceanview Condo

These exclusive island condos are currently being built at Red Frog Beach. Units will be built with high quality construction materials and premium finishes. These 1 and 2 bedroom units maximize living space and blend seamlessly into the lush tropical hillside. The setting is unparalleled with dramatic views of the Caribbean Sea and gentle oceans breezes year round.

Starting from $420,060

The Villas at Red Frog

Jungle Lodge

The Jungle Village is hidden among the tropical flora of Bastimentos, situated on a hill overlooking the Caribbean to the North. Secluded and private, the Jungle Village includes an exclusive pool for residents, palapa, and parking for golf carts.

Starting from $228,500

The Villas at Red Frog

Private Residence Club

Red Frog Beach offers a Private Residence Club. This opportunity provides a deeded fractional ownership in one of the magnificent private villas on 1/2-acre island estates. These Villas will come exquisitely furnished, include a beautiful private pool, and have sweeping panoramic views of the Caribbean. Fractional ownership is an ideal way to allow individuals the flexibility to own and invest at Red Frog Beach while minimizing the ongoing maintenance costs of full-ownership.

Starting from $87,000

The Villas at Red Frog

Marina Slips

This Marina is a floating dock system in a naturally protected area with less than an 18 inch tidal change. The highest standards for minimizing environmental impact and engineering designs were used to make this the most sophisticated and highest quality Marina in the hurricane free region of Panama.

Starting from $79,500

Located on a Caribbean island in Panama with stunning beaches and lush tropical forrest, Red Frog Beach on Isla Bastimentos is the most alluring property and most exciting new location to visit among the lower Caribbean islands. Located outside the hurricane zone, this is a peaceful-safe setting...and it is the perfect time for you to visit.

Owners are free to include their purchase into our property management program to be rented for income while the owner is not there. There is no other island property in the world that includes so much adventure, so much beauty with endless tropical forrest, hidden beaches and investment potential. There simply are no other real estate opportunities in Panama quite like this.

Real Estate in Bocas del Toro - The New Caribbean

Bocas del Toro real estate is considered the most beautiful property in all of Panama for good reason. Its crystal clear waters, rich Caribbean culture, abundant dining opportunities and laid back atmosphere all contribute to the fact that Bocas del Toro is in the process of being discovered. The islands are located only 30 miles from the Costa Rica boarder and the beach-island-tropical-forest appeal has attracted adventurous retirees and astute investors to these virgin shores. The Bocas del Toro archipelago is regarded as having the finest beaches in Panama and there are few places left in the world where you can enjoy perfect beaches with hardly a soul in sight. Red Frog Beach is the perfect location that combines beach and National Park scenery in a exotic Caribbean setting.

Bocas del Toro is also fortunate to be blessed by the fact that no hurricanes ever touch these islands. For Bocas residents, boaters, yachters, and sailors this keeps insurance premiums down and contributes to the growth in tourism and relocation to the region. As in all of Panama, the currency is the US dollar and in Bocas you will find that many of the local people speak English. International travelers have only recently discovered Bocas del Toro real estate and it is for this very reason that much of the archipelago remains pristine and untouched. It is frequently commented that Bocas real estate reminds visitors of "Hawaii or Key West in the 1950's." You are also well served by a number of service and transportation options that facilitate movement to and around the Bocas region including Marina services. The main outpost on the archipelago is Bocas Town (and airport) which is located on the southeastern tip of Isla Colon. Bocas del Toro Town is easily reached by land, sea or air. Flights from Panama City to Bocas Del Toro are offered by Air Panama. It provides several daily flights from Panama City to Bocas and service continues to expand on a yearly basis. Water taxis abound in the region and it is about a ten minute boat ride to Isla Bastimentos from the town of Bocas. The Caribbean community of Bocas del Toro also provides services and infrastructure and the town boasts hotels, restaurants and nightlife. Isla Bastimentos Island has the region's best beaches and international publications agree - wide, straw colored sands with those impossible aquamarine waters. Red Frog beach is the most accessible and it is named after the small red frogs that are abundant in the undergrowth around the beach and throughout the island. The jungle that frames these beaches is as special as these beaches. Verdant, lush and with a fantastically diverse ecosystem! The din of birdcalls and cicadas can be heard on the beach and the walking trails on the island and the sight of pelicans and frigate birds lazily wheel above adds a peaceful backdrop to warm waters of the Caribbean. The leeward side of the island enjoys smooth glass like waters that are dotted by mangrove stands...the front of the island offers the beaches...and inbetween the island is an ecological marvel with a National Park listed as one of the earth's finest.

Panama Real Estate - Now is the time!

It is no secret that Panama real estate has become sought after beach property given its location, natural beauty and strong economic outlook. Within the Central American and Caribbean regions, real estate in Panama outperforms in so many ways Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Colombia. Visitors that take a vacation here can enjoy cosmopolitan Panama City, colonial era ruins, expansive white sand beaches in Bocas Del Toro, cool mountain highlands, tour the Panama Canal and pristine ecosystems. Those looking to capitalize on Panama's long-term growth prospects are taking advantage of current Panama real estate investment opportunities. Foreign investors wanting to buy Panama real estate have the same rights as Panamanians.

Something that is making Panama Real Estate and its beach property so attractive is that it continues to develop as not only a vacation destination but also as an attractive destination for retirees and investors, similar to what Costa Rica and other more traditinoal Caribbean islands have already experienced. A comprehensive incentive program for retirees is available and many retirees are taking advantage of the lower cost of living and year round average temperatures of about 80 degrees. For foreign investors looking at Panama real estate, the US dollar based economy, Free Trade Zone, and international banking center are all attributes to consider. Major banks such as HSBC, Scotia Bank and Citibank all have established franchises in Panama. It is frequently said that Panama has aspirations to be the "Singapore" of the region and with its inherent assets, location, economic and political stability, Panama Real Estate is likely to be a terrific investment.