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Why Panama

  1. The fastest-growing economy in Latin America (The International Monetary Fund)
  2. One of the best GDP rates in the last decade
  3. The most globalized country in Latin America (Latin Business Chronicle)
  4. The fastest-growing tourism market in Latin America (The World Tourism Organization)
  5. Number #1 "best place in the world to retire to" (International Living 2016)
  6. The worlds 8th most free economy (Frazier of Canada)
  7. 15% year over year tourism growth rate (Panama Department of Tourism)
  8. Economic growth in Panama has topped 8 percent in the last five years, making the country the envy of Latin America -

Why Red Frog Beach

  1. Travel & Leisure #1 Place to Go in 2016 (Bocas del Toro)
  2. Best Leisure Development in Panama - American Property Awards
  3. Rent the property while you are not there - strong rental projections with this new upcoming resort!
  4. Top 10 Caribbean Islands to Live On - Islands of Bocas del Toro featuring Red Frog Beach - 2015
  5. 2015 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence
  6. CNN Travel has Panama as one of the top places to travel
  7. Voted One of the World's Best Secret Beaches (The Travel Channel)
  8. One of the Hottest Beaches in Central America (Forbes Traveler)
  9. Top 20 Oceanfront Development by OceanHome Magazine
  10. Bocas del Toro rated one of the top places to retire in the world (
  11. Hurricane Free Zone
  12. Property is adjacent to environmentally protected National Marine Park

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