Bocas del Toro represents a large thoroughfare for the international boating community. The location and accessibility of Bocas del Toro brings boaters from all areas of the world including the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America. Many cruisers will travel down the eastern coast of Central America or the Caribbean before finally ending up in Panama. As well, there are boaters from Colombia and other South American countries which come to Panama to take advantage of its stable climate and its ecological diversity. One reason that Panama has become such a large boating destination is due to its location outside of the hurricane belt which provides shelter to these vessels, especially during the months of July – November.

The Red Frog Marina has experienced enormous demand since opening in 2009. During the peak months of hurricane season from June – November it is anticipated we will have little to no vacancy. There are hundreds of boats that pass through the Bocas del Toro area each year, and many of them will stay on anchorage in the channels outside of Isla Colon and Isla Bastimentos. There is a large growing portion of the market that stays full-time in Bocas del Toro and the surrounding areas of Colon and Portobelo.

Current Services and Amenities


  • Boat shuttle service to Bocas town (10 min ride to shops restaurants, air lift, etc…)
  • Dockside power and water
  • WiFi internet
  • Upscale bathhouse and laundry Service
  • Ship chandlerie and provisioning available in Bocas town
  • Full-time security
  • Access to Red Frog Marina Plaza, Red Frog Beach, Kayukos Activity Lounge, beaches and trails to explore
  • Cell phone coverage (Cable & Wireless/Mas Movil only)

We offer customized Marina Service programs for absentee boat owners that can include routine boat checks, running engine, wash/wax, bottom cleaning, airing out boat, etc. as well as more technical services that may be provided by our onsite service contractors as needed.



  • Outside hurricane belt
  • Protected lagoon – Sheltered South side of Isla Bastimentos
  • Minimal tidal change – depths average 25+ feet
  • Many natural amenities to explore on the Bastimentos Marine Park
  • Bocas town is only 10 minutes away

There are several key factors that set the Red Frog Marina apart from others in the area and give it distinct advantages over local and international Marina destinations.

The Marina at Red Frog Beach: Comparative Advantages

Location Advantages

Physical Location: The location of this Panama Marina in the mangrove coves of Isla Bastimentos provides substantial shelter from the elements. Boats are protected from strong winds and storms due to the naturally enclosed nature of the marina. This results in water that is calm and glassy, and in addition, the mangroves act as a natural filter which purifies the water around the marina and makes for high visibility. Isla Bastimentos is part of a National Marine Park and this Bocas del Toro Marina will rival the most picturesque boat destinations around the world: Marina Photos

Depth: The depth of the Marina on average is around 30 feet and even shorelines quickly drop off to shelves around 14 feet. This is a substantial depth which will allow even the largest of vessels to pass through the channel and into the marina.

Beach Access: There are very few marinas in the Caribbean and Central America which can provide a beautiful beach within a short walk from the marina docks. With Red Frog Beach a 10-15 minute walk away, boaters will easily be able to enjoy the the best beaches in Panama while at the Marina. This has proven to be a great asset, and most of our existing boaters make the trip to Red Frog Beach at least 2 to 3 times per week.

Water: The Marina at Red Frog Beach has a distinct advantage when it comes to its water infrastructure. The system here is a spring-fed, sediment filtered system which provides potable water to the marina at high pressure.

Ecology on Bastimentos: The ecology of Bastimentos Island is one of true beauty and represents yet another advantage for the Red Frog Beach Marina. There are multiple hiking trails, snorkeling spots, hidden beaches, cave systems, and even sea turtle nesting sites within an hour hike of the marina. With these natural amenities, our marina clients have multiple options to choose from and will not have to leave the site to find their next adventure.

Bocas Shuttle: The Marina at Red Frog Beach offers a boat shuttle to Bocas town (10 min) so that all of our marina clients will be able to shop for groceries or any other supplies they may need while staying at the marina. Plans have and are currently being discussed for contiguous amenities such as restaurant, bar, scuba shop, and more.

Resort Accommodations / Resort Destination: The Red Frog Resort will be able to provide boaters a variety of accommodations that will make the Island an attractive international destination. The project is currently renting Luxury Villas for $300/night. A lower priced lodging facility near the Marina Village called Bocas Bound are offered from $13-$75/night; this facility opened late 2009.

Physical Advantages

Floating Docks from Structure Marine: Structure Marine is a respected marina construction and administration firm which has built a world-class docking system at the Marina. With composite decking, aluminum alloy framing, and large concrete anchors, this dock is of unparalleled quality in the region. It has a flexible anchor system which allows for flexing in the anchors and moorings during inclement weather or disturbances. While the tidal fluctuations are less than two feet, this floating system ensures that our client’s boats will be well protected in the Marina. Our existing clients have remarked that these docks are the nicest they have seen throughout Central America and have said the design makes accessibility and berthing very hassle-free.

Large Vessel Capabilities: Because of the natural depth and long walkway, the Marina at Red Frog Beach has a distinct advantage in that it can accommodate very large boats up to 300 feet in length.

Planned Services


  • Marina Village Restaurant
  • Over 115 wet slips
  • Ice/Vending machines
  • Storage units
  • Stocked ship store with boating and sailing essentials
  • Sewage pump out service

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Marina Office:

U.S. (888) 220-5602
Panama (507) 833-7753
VHF Channel 68 / Skype: redfrogmarina

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