This Marina is a floating dock system in a naturally protected area with less than an 18 inch tidal change. The highest standards for minimizing environmental impact and engineering designs were used to make this the most sophisticated and highest quality Marina in the hurricane free region of Panama.

Marina Plan


These waypoints are coming from sea in between Isla Bastimentos and Isla Carenero.  Charts show buoys marking this channel.  HOWEVER, this channel is no longer used by commercial traffic and there are NO BUOYS marking this channel now.  (See below for alternate channel).

From sea:

  1. 09° 22.06’ N     082° 12.85’ W
  2. 09° 21.26’ N     082° 13.17’ W
  3. 09° 20.90’ N     082° 13.20’ W
  4. 09° 20.68’ N     082° 13.08’ W
  5. 09° 20.58’ N     082° 13.00’ W
  6. 09° 20.09’ N     082° 12.54’ W
  7. 09° 19.54’ N     082° 11.64’ W
  8. 09° 19.465’ N   082° 10.974’ W   Red Barrel
  9. 09° 19.70’ N     082° 10.86’ W
  10. 09° 19.90’ N     082° 10.87’ W     Red Ball

Red Frog has a red barrel in 35 – 40 feet of water where you turn to port from the deep water channel (between Isla Bastimentos and Isla Solarte/Nancy) towards the marina.  Right red return.  You will be lined up on the marina then (masts visible over the mangroves) and heading through the anchorage towards a mangrove.  At the left edge of the mangrove there is a red ball, in 14 feet of water.  Giving it a wide berth and leaving it to starboard will get you around the mangrove in deep water and into the marina harbor.

The route has depths of 30 – 60 feet and coming into Red Frog Marina you should not see any less than 20 – 25 feet of water depth.


  • Built and designed by Structure Marine
  • Timber tech decking material
  • Adjustable cleats
  • Non-corrosive aluminum docks with polyethylene floats
  • Wide 12ft main walkway that is 250 Meters long
  • Sophisticated floating dock system
  • Tapered fingers that can be moved on an engineered rail system (can accommodate any size vessel)
  • Environmentally sound with low impact anchors vs. high impact pilings

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Marina Office:

U.S. (888) 220-5602
Panama (507) 833-7753
VHF Channel 68 / Skype: redfrogmarina

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