Red Frog Marina is a very safe location as we are well protected on the leeward side of Bastimentos Island with land mass to the North and mangroves surrounding most of the South area of the the marina. No wave action here and deep water access. Also we have security patrols for the marina and a sizable live-aboard community to help keep an eye on things plus a talented marina staff who live aboard their boats.  

How deep is the Marina?

All of the existing marina slips have a depth of 25 – 30 feet. Right off the shore, the depth drops off quickly and will allow us to accommodate larger boats along the main walkways as well. As well, the entry channel to the marina is very deep and can reach over 18 feet making for an easy passage to our location.

What are the Waypoints?

These waypoints are coming from sea in between Isla Bastimentos and Isla Carenero.  Charts show buoys marking this channel.  HOWEVER, this channel is no longer used by commercial traffic and there are NO BUOYS marking this channel now.  (See below for alternate channel).

From sea:

  1. 09° 22.06’ N     082° 12.85’ W
  2. 09° 21.26’ N     082° 13.17’ W
  3. 09° 20.90’ N     082° 13.20’ W
  4. 09° 20.68’ N     082° 13.08’ W
  5. 09° 20.58’ N     082° 13.00’ W
  6. 09° 20.09’ N     082° 12.54’ W
  7. 09° 19.54’ N     082° 11.64’ W
  8. 09° 19.465’ N   082° 10.974’ W   Red Barrel
  9. 09° 19.70’ N     082° 10.86’ W
  10. 09° 19.90’ N     082° 10.87’ W     Red Ball

Red Frog has a red barrel in 35 – 40 feet of water where you turn to port from the deep water channel (between Isla Bastimentos and Isla Solarte/Nancy) towards the marina.  Right red return.  You will be lined up on the marina then (masts visible over the mangroves) and heading through the anchorage towards a mangrove.  At the left edge of the mangrove there is a red ball, in 14 feet of water.  Giving it a wide berth and leaving it to starboard will get you around the mangrove in deep water and into the marina harbor.

The route has depths of 30 – 60 feet and coming into Red Frog Marina you should not see any less than 20 – 25 feet of water depth.

NOTE:  The commercial channel is now located northwest of the above channel, between the mainland and Bocas del Drago.  It is well marked and well lit.

DISCLAIMER:  Every captain is solely responsible for the safety of his or her crew and vessel, and never relies on just one source of information for navigation.  These waypoints are merely a guide and are not a substitute for good common sea sense.

How wide are the slips?

Our slips for boats sized around 40 feet are each 14.5 feet wide and dock fingers are 30 feet long. The slips for boats of 50 feet and larger are 17 feet wide and each dock finger is 36 feet long. These slips have been designed to fit most standard boat types.

How long is the main marina walkway?

The total length of the main walkway is 818 feet long (250 meters) and we will be able to accommodate yachts up to 300 ft along the outer side of the walkway.

How is the docking system secured?

The marina is anchored by an aluminum material that maximizes support and can handle winds at 50 MPH. The structure has been engineered to be slightly flexible and has a safety factor of 1.5 for the wind pressure. This system manufactured by Structurmarine has been used for over 30 years, and will provide excellent protection from the elements. In addition, the location of our marina in a protected mangrove cove gives us further stability. The waters around the marina are generally calm and glassy.

Where can I fill my boat up with fuel?

We have a new fuel dock open and available for use right at the marina. Clean diesel and gasoline.

What utilities are available?

Metered electricity and potable water are installed at the Marina. In addition, we have a upscale bathhouse that is free to use.

We do offer Marina Services to check on your boat bilges and batteries, air out interior, clean and polish topsides, bottom cleaning and interior services. Plus basic repair services. Current labor rates are $10/hr and up depending on service; boat watching services available for absentee owners. We have dependable power, great potable water, Wi-Fi and complimentary transport into Bocas town for shopping.

Are there haul-out facilities in the area?

Yes, contact us for details.

Are there any dry storage facilities around Bocas Del Toro?


Are there supplies available in Bocas?

There are a few supply stores in Bocas Town although the selection is very minimal. Most marine hardware and mechanical parts must be ordered from the US and shipped. Kerosene is available in town.

Are there marina slips for sale?

Yes, there are currently some marina slips that can be available for purchase. Click here

Is there a bar or restaurant at the Marina?

Yes! There are a few restaurants on Isla Bastimentos.

Kayukos Restaurant and Bar which is a 5 minute walk away located at the top of the hill overlooking the bay side of Bastimentos.

Punta Lava is located on Red Frog Beach.

Red Frog Beach and Punta Lava is only a 10 minute walk from the docks and is said to be one of the nicest beaches in Panama. As well, there are many places to hike and explore around the island. Kayukos Restaurant / Island Lounge is the largest covered activity center in Bocas only 5 minutes from the Marina, and is the epicenter of many different activities.

What activities are there at the Marina?

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U.S. (888) 220-5602
Panama (507) 833-7753
VHF Channel 68 / Skype: redfrogmarina

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