Red Frog Beach offers a Private Residence Club. This opportunity provides a deeded fractional ownership in one of the magnificent private villas on 1/2-acre island estates. These Villas will come exquisitely furnished, include a beautiful private pool, and have sweeping panoramic views of the Caribbean. Fractional ownership is an ideal way to allow individuals the flexibility to own and invest at Red Frog Beach while minimizing the ongoing maintenance costs of full-ownership.

For a fraction of the cost of these luxury villas, a Private Residence Club Owner at Red Frog Beach receives the right to a fully furnished and accessorized Residence for personal or guest use five weeks of each year. Additionally, owners receive all of the reduced tax consequences as well as the appreciation aspects of real estate ownership without being responsible for the full range of costs and mortgage hassles that come with full-ownership of a second home.

Shared ownership of luxurious assets is quickly becoming the “smart” way for successful people to own vacation homes, yachts and private jets. The fastest growing segment of the private jet and yacht market is “shared ownership”.